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TEAM CONTACTS (as of 12-21-2018)

Teams that have students from multiple schools must have a representative for each school in order to ensure the student meets the eligibility requirements of that school. Those reps are listed for each school. Please contact Jackie Bertucci, [email protected] for any changes or corrections.

Anderson County Middle School Swim Team -- ACMS

Team Rep:

Coaches: Shawn Bannach ([email protected]) and Beverly Baird ([email protected]).

Schools in Anderson County: Norris Middle, Lake City Middle

Athens City Middle School Swim Team -- ACTMS

Team Rep: McKenzie Irons [email protected] 423-506-3974

Coach: Tony Womac [email protected] 423-920-1977

Berean Christian Middle School Swim Team -- BCMS

Team Rep: Jill Richards [email protected] 239-734-0201

Coach: Ben Myhre [email protected] 865-712-2495

Bearden Middle School Swim Team -- BMS

Team Rep: Amy Shuler [email protected] 910-691-2878

Coach: Joe Peeden [email protected] 865-591-9182

Catholic Youth Swimming -- CYS

Team Rep: Rachel McCollum, [email protected], 865-300-7140

Coach: Jackie Bussard-Bertucci [email protected] 865-207-7297

Schools: Sacred Heart, St. Mary's, St. Joseph's, St. John Newman, and ESK

Christian Academy of Knoxville Swim Team -- CAK

Team Rep: Kelley Perkins 865-809-6852 [email protected]


Cleveland Middle School Swim Team -- CMS

Team Rep: Crystal Nicholson cnicholson@clevelandschools.org 423-802-5909

Coach: Valerie Helmstetter [email protected] 304-610-6028

Clinton Middle School Swim Team -- CLMS

Team Rep: Dena Helus, 865-386-6240, [email protected]

Coach: Jan Smith 865-591-1393 [email protected]

Cocke County Middle School Swim Team -- CCMS

Team Rep: Stacie Rathbone 865-322-2531 [email protected]

Coach: Lisa Stepp 423-721-3484 [email protected]

Concord Christian School -- 

Team Rep: Karen Leach [email protected] 865-660-1202

Coach: Jodi Vineyard [email protected] 865-207-8878 and Jacob Gump [email protected] 865-661-1316

Farragut Middle School Swimming & Diving -- FMSSD

Team Rep: Margaret Mason [email protected] 865-809-2613

Coach: Corey Snyder [email protected] 262-745-5490

Grace Christian Academy --

Team Rep: Shylon Perkey - [email protected], [email protected] - 865-599-1596

Coach: Carson Perry - [email protected] - 615-653-7521

Gresham Middle School Swim Team -- GMS

Team Rep: Angie Jones [email protected] 865-387-7560

Coach: Laura Ault---backstroke.life@gmail.com 865-257-4417

Laura [email protected] 423-948-9635

Halls Middle School Swim Team -- HMS

Team Rep: Kevin Whittington [email protected] 865-254-4113

Coach: Frank Nauss [email protected] 865-591-1124 and Ashleigh McGinnis [email protected] 865-318-7055

Hardin Valley Academy Swim Team -- HVA

Team Rep: Brad Salsbury [email protected] 865-603-8435

Coach: Larry Hough [email protected] 865-304-6563

Schools in Knox County: Karns Middle School and Cedar Bluff Middle

Loudon County Middle School Swim Team -- LCMS

Team Rep: Robert Scheffer [email protected] 865-271-8151

Coach: Breanna Folk [email protected] 484-638-1065 and Larry Blue [email protected] 865-306-1569

Schools in Loudon County: North Middle School, Philadelphia School, Ft. Loudoun Middle School Rep, Lenoir City Middle School, Greenback Public School Rep.

Maryville Swim Club Middle School Team -- MSC

Team Rep: Maria Willard [email protected] 865-368-9550

Coach: Kelly Tate [email protected] 865-207-1927 

Schools in Blount County: Maryville Jr High, Montgomery Ridge Intermediate, Coulter Grove Intermediate School

Oak Ridge Middle School Swim Team -- ORMS

Rep: Trish Brown, [email protected]

Coach: Alicia Williamson [email protected] 865-483-6868

Pigeon Forge Middle School Swim Team -- PFMS

Rep: Jill Thompson

Coach: Cheryl Sandjersberg [email protected] 865-696-9910

Sevier County Middle School Swim Team -- SCMS  

Rep: Bryan Atchley 865-654-6536 [email protected] 865-654-6536

Coach: Spencer Royer [email protected] 901-279-3605

Schools in Sevier County: Sevier County Middle

Smoky Mountain Flyers -- FLYERS

Rep: Krissy Payne [email protected] 865-591-6743

Coach: Sayer Williamson [email protected] 865-705-4717 and Wanda DeWaard [email protected] 865-216-4047 

Schools in Blount County: Homeschool Students, Heritage Middle School, Carpenters Middle School, Clayton Bradley Middle School

Webb School of Knoxville --

Rep: Stephanie Rapine [email protected] 865-456-7017

Coach: Davis Tarwater [email protected] 734-904-0775

West Valley Swim Team -- WVST

Rep: Laura Ayo West Valley, 865-621-3820, [email protected]

Coach: Kennedy Higdon, [email protected] 

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