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TEAM CONTACTS (as of 12-21-2018)

Teams that have students from multiple schools must have a representative for each school in order to ensure the student meets the eligibility requirements of that school. Those reps are listed for each school. Please contact Jackie Bertucci, for any changes or corrections.

Anderson County Middle School Swim Team -- ACMS

Team Rep:

Coaches: Shawn Bannach ( and Beverly Baird (

Schools in Anderson County: Norris Middle, Lake City Middle

Athens City Middle School Swim Team -- ACTMS

Team Rep: McKenzie Irons 423-506-3974

Coach: Tony Womac 423-920-1977

Berean Christian Middle School Swim Team -- BCMS

Team Rep: Jill Richards 239-734-0201

Coach: Ben Myhre 865-712-2495

Bearden Middle School Swim Team -- BMS

Team Rep: Amy Shuler 910-691-2878

Coach: Joe Peeden 865-591-9182

Catholic Youth Swimming -- CYS

Team Rep: Rachel McCollum,, 865-300-7140

Coach: Jackie Bussard-Bertucci 865-207-7297

Schools: Sacred Heart, St. Mary's, St. Joseph's, St. John Newman, and ESK

Christian Academy of Knoxville Swim Team -- CAK

Team Rep: Kelley Perkins 865-809-6852


Cleveland Middle School Swim Team -- CMS

Team Rep: Crystal Nicholson 423-802-5909

Coach: Valerie Helmstetter 304-610-6028

Clinton Middle School Swim Team -- CLMS

Team Rep: Dena Helus, 865-386-6240,

Coach: Jan Smith 865-591-1393

Cocke County Middle School Swim Team -- CCMS

Team Rep: Stacie Rathbone 865-322-2531

Coach: Lisa Stepp 423-721-3484

Concord Christian School -- 

Team Rep: Karen Leach 865-660-1202

Coach: Jodi Vineyard 865-207-8878 and Jacob Gump 865-661-1316

Farragut Middle School Swimming & Diving -- FMSSD

Team Rep: Margaret Mason 865-809-2613

Coach: Corey Snyder 262-745-5490

Grace Christian Academy --

Team Rep: Shylon Perkey -, - 865-599-1596

Coach: Carson Perry - - 615-653-7521

Gresham Middle School Swim Team -- GMS

Team Rep: Angie Jones 865-387-7560

Coach: Laura 865-257-4417

Laura 423-948-9635

Halls Middle School Swim Team -- HMS

Team Rep: Kevin Whittington 865-254-4113

Coach: Frank Nauss 865-591-1124 and Ashleigh McGinnis 865-318-7055

Hardin Valley Academy Swim Team -- HVA

Team Rep: Brad Salsbury 865-603-8435

Coach: Larry Hough 865-304-6563

Schools in Knox County: Karns Middle School and Cedar Bluff Middle

Loudon County Middle School Swim Team -- LCMS

Team Rep: Robert Scheffer 865-271-8151

Coach: Breanna Folk 484-638-1065 and Larry Blue 865-306-1569

Schools in Loudon County: North Middle School, Philadelphia School, Ft. Loudoun Middle School Rep, Lenoir City Middle School, Greenback Public School Rep.

Maryville Swim Club Middle School Team -- MSC

Team Rep: Maria Willard 865-368-9550

Coach: Kelly Tate 865-207-1927 

Schools in Blount County: Maryville Jr High, Montgomery Ridge Intermediate, Coulter Grove Intermediate School

Oak Ridge Middle School Swim Team -- ORMS

Rep: Trish Brown,

Coach: Alicia Williamson 865-483-6868

Pigeon Forge Middle School Swim Team -- PFMS

Rep: Jill Thompson

Coach: Cheryl Sandjersberg 865-696-9910

Sevier County Middle School Swim Team -- SCMS  

Rep: Bryan Atchley 865-654-6536 865-654-6536

Coach: Spencer Royer 901-279-3605

Schools in Sevier County: Sevier County Middle

Smoky Mountain Flyers -- FLYERS

Rep: Krissy Payne 865-591-6743

Coach: Sayer Williamson 865-705-4717 and Wanda DeWaard 865-216-4047 

Schools in Blount County: Homeschool Students, Heritage Middle School, Carpenters Middle School, Clayton Bradley Middle School

Webb School of Knoxville --

Rep: Stephanie Rapine 865-456-7017

Coach: Davis Tarwater 734-904-0775

West Valley Swim Team -- WVST

Rep: Laura Ayo West Valley, 865-621-3820,

Coach: Kennedy Higdon, 

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